Little Colorado Wife is now a Massachusetts Gal!

Hey Y’all! I’ve been off of social media and my blog for the past several months. In March we learned that we were going to be moving to Massachusetts for my husband’s career. It was a bit of shock, to say the least. But my husband is amazing and would never move us across the country unless it was for the absolute best reason.

We hired movers that sold us with  “the best reviews and A+ rating with the BBB” that was all a lie. Our movers packed up our belongings, drove off and we didn’t hear from them for a week! They told us that the truck was loaded and heading out to Massachusetts that same night!! In reality the truck drove off to a warehouse in Denver and our belongings sat around for weeks. Which of course they didn’t tell us until after the fact. The person who sold us the package told me to fly to Boston with my two children and meet the truck there 5 days after they picked up our belongings.

Luckily I decided to fly to Chicago to meet my husband and in-laws instead of flying direct. Sean drove to Boston with our Golden Retriever and I traveled with the two kids. Had I not flown to Chicago I would have been stuck in Boston, alone, with nothing but 5 days worth of clothes and two kids. The movers ended up arriving THREE WEEKS late!! It was awful. Luckily my Father-in-law and family are wonderful hosts. They spoiled us with fabulous champagne, a gorgeous home and were incredibly hospitable. Wonderful hosts.

By the time we made it to Boston we camped out for 4 days on an air mattress… which you can imagine is super fun with two little kiddos.


I have a new appreciation for my own bed. Although they delivered the bed folded in half, held together with tape and blankets. My bed is still sloped. Ugh.

Everyday I thought about blogging and talking about this move, but I felt that I needed to focus on my family. I am finally feeling more comfortable here and am happy to call this our new home! Now what to do with my brand name “Little Colorado Wife” that lives in Massachusetts!! Hmmmm… any ideas?

I am so blessed to be so in love with my brilliant, sexy husband and absolutely perfect children. They made this nightmare move into a treasured memory.

So happy to be back!

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    July 20, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    I love your beautiful home (especially your kitchen – lusting!) but am sorry this was such a nightmare!!

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