Infant Sleep Savior!

After dealing with the daily struggle of my 4 year old Ellis, never sleeping. EVER. I was determined to create the ultimate sleep environment for our newest babe Oliver. I researched and felt I was as prepared as I could be based upon baby sleep data available to me. But after Ollie was born, good sleep was still an issue. What truly saved me was our DockATot! I discovered this when Ollie was just 4 weeks old and since that moment he has remained a dang good nighttime sleeper (minus that horrible, awful, no good four month sleep regression). Our latest problem is nap time! I kid you not, he has been the worlds worst napper. The. Worst. Ever. This babe is known for his fifteen minute power naps. Fifteen minutes and he wakes up refreshed and ready to party! I love hanging with my little man, but sometimes mama needs a break! Isn’t nap time supposed to be that break (aka kid break to clean, shower, get dinner ready etc etc etc)! Welcome: The Ollie Wrap. The combo of The Ollie Wrap with our DockATot has seriously been my saving grace. We started using the Ollie Wrap + DockATot combo right before Olls turned 5 months old. We started with the Deluxe for Olls, but after several battles we ended up with a Grand for my older son, last thing I want to deal with every night is an argument with my tot. Now you’re wondering, what is this DOCK-A-TOT and how can I get my hands on one?! The following is from DockATot. I was very concerned about the safety and functionality of this before purchasing. I hope this will put your mind at ease and help you realize this is truly the BEST option for sleep with your baby.


One of the most amazing aspects of the DockATot is its ability to be so many things at once. When you purchase a DockATot, you’re actually getting five different products in one. As PopSugar Moms stated about the new baby nest concept, in which DockATot is leading the pack: “The womb-like baby nest replaces the bassinet, the Moses basket, the Rock-and-Play sleeper, and the co-sleeper. It also acts as an easy-to-pack travel bed and its cushy design allows baby to breastfeed while still lying in it.” With the DockATot multifunctional baby gear, your lives will be way less cluttered and you’ll save money in the long run. Here, all of the benefits you’ll get from DockATot:

Tummy Time Aid
Tummy time is essential to a baby’s development. It helps them develop their neck muscles, gives them a new vantage point and helps prevent flat head syndrome. Needless to say, making sure your little one logs in their tummy time every day is important. The DockATot Deluxe<> has dense and rounded bumpers to allow for easy and safe tummy time. By placing baby’s arms and upper body over the bumper, they’ll appreciate the comfortable elevation.
Travel Baby Bed
Rather than rely on questionable hotel cribs or bedding, pack your DockATot with you for all of your journeys. DockATot has been a travel lifesaver for so many parents. Not only is it great for sleeping inside the hotel, but you can bring it down to the pool or beach so baby can nap while you lounge. No need to hurry back to the hotel room for nap time. Thanks to our new DockATot Transport Bags, bringing your DockATot along on vacay just got even easier.

Co-Sleeping Baby Bed
For families who co-sleep, the DockATot has become a baby gear essential. Says DockATot mom Jill F.: “I never expected to be a cosleeping momma, until I had a son that would only sleep on his side next to me or in
someone’s arms. My husband and I managed to make it through three months of some restless nights until the DockATot arrived. My son now starts off on his side and ends up sleeping on his back and the movements from his arms and legs no longer wake him up. I also feel so much safer having him in his dock so that we can safely cosleep. We will be buying the next size up!”
Baby Lounger and All Around Mother’s Helper
The DockATot is the ultimate baby lounger. It allows mamas to get stuff done around the house while baby is being snuggled by their dock. For work at home parents, this is a life saver! DockATot is like another set of warm and comfy arms. It was created to mimic the womb and in doing so it soothes and comforts baby while mama is able to have her hands free.

Play Time
There’s no better spot than a DockATot for babies and toddlers to get in their play time. The Grand dock is roomy enough for two to get cozy in. Little ones can read books, play with dolls or use their docks as a chill out spot when they need some downtime. DockATot also allows families the luxury of living a minimalist lifestyle. With less stuff around, it allows you to spend more quality time with your family and less time cleaning up.

The DockATot® Deluxe pod is designed so that the baby’s face sit comparatively high in relation to the sides. The sides are low and also rounded. A baby correctly positioned in the pod (on his back) is breathing into open air. The design is made with consideration to not trap used air (breath; carbon dioxide) unlike most bassinets and moses baskets and infant and baby loungers.

DockATot® and its protective sides facilitate correct physiological back positioning while preventing the baby from rolling out of bed, hitting his head against the headboard, getting caught between the bed and the wall, or wriggling down under the covers. The sides also prevent the parents from rolling on top of the baby. Yet, the sides are comfy enough for the parent to have his/her arm over the side to pat and reassure. The firm Sleepyhead® mattress reduces the risk of suffocation, unlike soft adult mattress.


DockATot® is not designed to prevent a baby from rolling over. However, it’s less likely the baby will engage in such activities while in the pod. Rolling over is a natural development, which should be encouraged during waking and supervised time. Up until approx. 8 months, one must always place a child to sleep on his/her back. However, at 7-8 months if they turn in their sleep, the pod is breathable so you don’t have to turn him/her back on his/her back. Up until 8 months or so, one must always place a child to sleep on his/her back. However, at 7-8 months if they turn in their sleep, you don’t have to turn him/her back on his/her back. As to bedding, to further enhance the safety of the (supervised) sleeping environment, it is advisable to use wearable blankets, such as sleeping bags. We strictly advise against swaddling beyond the point when the baby starts rolling over.

DockATot® does not harbor heat. A very strong feature which we have seen in our testing both independent and in-house is that an infant does not develop excessive perspiration from body heat with the DockATot®. The materials used in the design allow for air to pass through effectively, thus keeping baby cool and relaxed when sleeping.”

I personally guarantee that every single statement listed above is absolutely true. We LOVE our DockATot more than any other baby gear item we purchased!!

Where do we find our sleepy Ellis each evening? ALWAYS in his DockAtot. He loves to snuggle up with “Puppy” and chill. His Grand size dock fits so perfectly in Ollie’s crib it has been quite the struggle transitioning Ellis back into his big kid bed, because soon Olls will be in his crib full-time! (With his very own Grand size DockATot.) It’s actually kind of funny to watch Ellis drag it out of his bed and around the house (it’s bigger than him!). Ellis sleeps so well in her dock, it is definitely for toddlers and even 4 year olds too! (Shhhhhh) Ellis and Ollie both sleep in their docks for both naps and at night. Ellis says Olls isn’t allowed on his Dock, which means we may not have a good sharer on our hands! #brotherproblems. Ellis loves to lounge in his dock watching movies as well… can’t wait ’til the adult size comes out! Hint hint! 😉
I travel to Montana twice a year for several weeks at a time. I brought Oliver along when he was just 8 weeks old. I expected I would get zero sleep the entire time, but because I’m the ultimate mother I packed the Deluxe DockATot in my suitcase and had blissful sleep the ENTIRE time we were traveling!! That alone is priceless!
In my opinion, the DockATot is a must have for any baby or toddler. Our dock makes our boys feel so snug and safe and they actually SLEEP. And for me, you can’t put a price on good sleep! I honestly just wish I would have had that for Ellis! Perhaps I wouldn’t have been a sleep deprived zombie for over a year???

You can learn more about DockATot on their website. Also make sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook! I love their Instagram feed, lots of incredibly adorable dreaming babes! Please feel free to comment with absolutely any questions regarding baby sleep or DockATots and I will answer each and every one!
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    August 11, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    My 4 month old son currently sleeps in his crib in the dock a tot grand. However I’m starting to debate transitioning him out of it once he starts rolling. Did your son sleep on his side or stomach in it? Did he ever roll out of it and get stuck between the dock and crib rails? So many m om worries ?

    • Reply
      August 14, 2017 at 9:41 am

      HI! Is your son in the Grande or the Deluxe? My son began in the Deluxe. I kept him in it until around age 8 months, when I upgraded him to the DockATot Grande. He would roll around but nothing dangerous.

      • Reply
        August 14, 2017 at 11:31 am

        He is currently in the grand because he’s so big! He’s already 18 pounds and in 12 month clothing. We never even bothered with the deluxe bc he was already so big. My fear is once he starts crawling or walking that he will get stuck inbetween the dock the crib.

        • Reply
          August 14, 2017 at 2:20 pm

          You can contact DockATot, but I really think you have nothing to worry about. The DockATot is made of a breathable material, so he should be safe! But any specific questions I’d have to direct you to the brand themselves. Hope this helps!! XO

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