His Holiness: Dalai Lama


Stuff I learned from the Dalai Lama after a recorded speaking engagement today (I will attend next visit):

  • Compassion and concern for others is biological.
  •  Through deliberate cognitive training, we can change our brain activity to cultivate inner peace.
  • A balanced mind = a balanced body. I feel physically awful since returning from my family home in Montana and I know many reasons why.
  • Hopelessness, fear, anger, hatred = destroyers of calm mind and inner peace. Relationships. Focus on finding my inner peace and not letting the hopelessness, fear and anger control my mind. Study.
  • Destroy the destroyers with noble emotions to develop compassion and genuine concern for others.
  • Be compassionate to even those that treat you negatively. It’s good for you and them.
  • Inner peace leads to justice. Emotional unrest causes injustice.
  • Material values are teasers and a distraction.
  • Modern education and technology promote materialism. We should be more focused on ethics, morals and tolerance.

We all kind of know the above information, but it makes more of an impact when I sought out ways to find inner calmness and education. You guys, the Dalai Lama is wise and funny. Who knew he had a sense of humor? I need to take up yoga again immediately. I need to focus on myself occasionally, for the sake of my loved ones. I also need to train my brain to be compassionate to the people who have hurt me. #goals


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