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Must Haves for New Mamas

Owlet Baby Monitor

As a first time mother, I was unsure about a lot of things. I was definitely one of those mothers who would wake up multiple times in the night just to make sure Ellis was not too hot or too cold and to check to see if he was breathing. I had countless sleepless nights filled with anxiety. Anxiety about every little thing that could happen to him while if I fell sound asleep. I was certainly a “Mombie”during those…

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Infant Sleep Savior!

After dealing with the daily struggle of my 4 year old Ellis, never sleeping. EVER. I was determined to create the ultimate sleep environment for our newest babe Oliver. I researched and felt I was as prepared as I could be based upon baby sleep data available to me. But after Ollie was born, good sleep was still an issue. What truly saved me was our DockATot! I discovered this when Ollie was just 4 weeks old and since that…

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