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Holiday Shopping Season in Full Effect! My TOP Gift Selections!

Christmas holiday season has finally arrived! I’m going to list my absolute fave gifts, what more could a gal/guy want this season?! Beautycounter: Here’s to giving the gifts that mean the very most. Here’s to safer beauty. Give gifts that last this holiday season. Contact me with any questions. Make the switch to safe, non-toxic products and lifestyle. Do it for your loved ones, yourself… do it for your future. Our gift sets are incredible this season and selling out…

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My First and Still Favorite Winery: Sokol Blosser

Evolution white blend wine made by Sokol Blosser Winery was my first favorite wine. Over the course of the past decade it has become a favorite of each and every one of my best friends, we have endless memories accompanied by this wine…  weddings, summers on the deck overlooking the river in Montana, sitting beachside on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, in our S’well bottles river rafting down the Blackfoot or Clark Fork, at the Ranch Club watching our…

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A Little Bit of My Hometown with Angle 33

Those of you who know me know that I have a deep love for my hometown Missoula, Montana. There’s nothing like it. If we could live there now I would be there in a heartbeat. I spend close to a month there every summer and it’s THE absolute best place. As Matt Baack says “I live and work in Missoula, Montana, not because it’s the manufacturing capital of the world or because there are great opportunities to “make it big,”…

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Fairmont Copley Plaza Staycation

After spending an evening in Boston’s iconic Fairmont Copley Plaza it’s impossible for me to deny that Boston is a city brimming with charm, history, culture, remarkable cuisine and character. An air of sophistication that invites you in and surprises you at every corner. We were greeted with champagne and were spoiled enough to have a private tour of the building explaining the incredible history. From the moment you step into the Fairmont Copley Plaza your eyes are immediately drawn…

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Summer Wine Obsessions. This is THE LIST You Need Now.

The sun is out, the sunnies are on, and all we want in our glasses is a crisp, refreshing pour of chilled wine, preferably an amazing white or rosé. Rosé is my new fave obsession.. don’t get me wrong, the Sauvignon Blancs on this list will far surpass many rosés. These are all MUST-TRYS for you this summer. Rosé, this delicious pink juice has become a summertime staple, thanks to its fabulous thirst-quenching capabilities. However, with so many bottles of the stuff…

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10 Reasons Why You Need a Jar of Manuka Honey in Your Life (Like Right Now)

Raw, unpasteurized honey is gaining in popularity as people become more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and how that affects their mood, energy levels and overall health. “Manuka Honey is one of the miracles of nature.” This honey comes from the Manuka Flower nectar that the bees collect and bring back to the hive, where it is then broken down into simple sugars. The wax that keeps the honey safe within the honeycomb is removed by…

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