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July 2017

Owlet Baby Monitor

As a first time mother, I was unsure about a lot of things. I was definitely one of those mothers who would wake up multiple times in the night just to make sure Ellis was not too hot or too cold and to check to see if he was breathing. I had countless sleepless nights filled with anxiety. Anxiety about every little thing that could happen to him while if I fell sound asleep. I was certainly a “Mombie”during those…

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Meditation 101

  Have you ever asked for something in your mind, and then stumbled upon just what you were looking for? That’s what happened with this extraordinary product. I had been thinking that I should really get into meditation because I felt like it would support me with all the chaos of running a family, especially in a our new home in Massachusetts, 3k miles from all my best girlfriends and family. I needed to increase my spirituality and to live more…

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The Secret to Maintaining Energy, Vitality, Beautiful Skin and Optimum Health.

Last week, I had my second IV infusion with Nurse Fiona (while receiving an incredible Hydrafacial) and I could not  be any more pleased with the absolutely fabulous results. As a wife and mother of two, I am often running on fumes at the end of the day and after discussing my issues and what my goals were, I was given an IV infusion to help! It was PAINLESS and RELAXING. I plan on going back every few weeks to continue…

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