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June 2017

Care/Of: The Ultimate Vitamin Pack

This is simple. These aren’t your average vitamins, these are TOP quality, created from the absolute BEST sources. Start HERE to complete a questionnaire and receive your recommended vitamin pack. Here are mine and my husband’s recommended vitamin packs. The benefits of each supplement are listed below.Purchase HERE. 50% off promo code works with this link only: COLORADO50 Sean’s selection: Garlic Oil: The Vamper Slayer- supports heart health Astaxanthin: The Coral King- Supports heart health Magnesium: The Dream Weaver- Alcohol can…

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The Coolest Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Dads and husbands are the hardest people to shop for, right?! While we often gravitate to old faithfuls for Father’s Day—golf, whiskey, fishing gear, tools—it feels like such go-tos are starting to lose their excitement, and really, who wants to give someone a totally predictable gift anyways? To help you switch things up this year and alleviate any last-minute shopping stress, we got creative and gathered 9 gifts guaranteed to wow your number-one champions.   #1 Deejo Knives: This was a Father’s Day…

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The Graced Box

I first discovered Graced on Instagram. Their photos were completely aligned with  my style and personality. Their Instagram bio reads “Graced brick + mortar storefront in the heart of Manitowoc, WI | a philosophy of whole and intentional living, celebrate simple and embrace the everyday.”   For those who aren’t able to make it to their brick and mortar store, they launched the Graced Box! It’s a seasonal subscription box with personally curated home decor, treats, paper goods & more — all made…

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Precious Moments

Times like this are truly such a treasure. While speaking to the designer (@cotton.canary) of this skirt regarding her preference on this photo she simply said “So Special, its life” Which made me not only be incredibly impressed by the quality of her absolutely stunning clothes, but that she preferred this candid photo over a flawless, modeled photo. She is absolutely a TRUE talent, a class act in every single way. Check out her collection here.…

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